Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Civil Defence Volunteers Submitted a Memorandum to the District Magistrate.

Civil Defence Volunteers Submitted a Memorandum to the District Magistrate.

The worker of a large number of Civil Defence Volunteers are working on a temporary basis or as volunteers in all the districts of West Bengal.  The worker who are currently working in Civil Defence Volunteers, submitted a memorandum to the district magistrate demanding 8 points including stabilization of their work, work up to 60 years of age and 30 days of work per month as well as risky work allowance.

  On this day, about 150 worker working in Civil Defence Volunteers of Bankura district came to the office of the district magistrate of Bankura district but they submitted a memorandum.  According to the Civil Defence Volunteers of Bankura District, we have around 150 Civil Defence Volunteers in the district.  But we are given only 12 days work a month and it is not possible to run our family with that money.  So with the stabilization of our work and the creation of new pay structure and risk allowance, we made 8 point demands to the district administration but we raised them.

 In the words of those civil defence volunteers, if the district administration does not implement our demands quickly, we will launch a larger movement across the district. Bankura District, District magistrate S.Arun Prasad said, “We have received the demand letter of Civil Defence Volunteers. We will discuss the matter with the higher authorities and we will look into the matter.

 Many worker in different districts of West Bengal work in the Civil Defence Volunteers on a temporary basis or as volunteers and are given 12 to 14 days a month. All these worker are paid on a daily wage basis.  Their main job is to manage the crowds at various, mela, puja mandals or on the streets when the district has a big ceremony or pujo festival.  Also, if there is a major accident in the district, the staff of these Civil Defence Volunteers work with the police or as collaborators of the National Disaster Management staff. The personnel of these Civil Defence Volunteers also work as collaborators of the fire brigade personnel in relief control or fire fighting at different times. These civil defense volunteers are also used in various other activities in the district

Monday, October 12, 2020

How To Make Money From Blogging. Flow Just 12 Easy Step.

How To Make Money From Blogging. Flow Just 12 Easy Step.

At present, the number of unemployed is increasing day by day all over the world including India.  It goes without saying that there is no government job at present, and the unemployed are getting lost for it.  In this situation, unemployed youths are choosing online system as a way of income.  Unemployed boys and girls around the world, including in India, are now making a lot of money online with the help of mobiles and laptops.  There are several ways to earn money online.  The most notable of these is Google.  You can earn a lot of money through Google online.

 Google currently has a variety of products through which you can earn income.  The most notable of these are Google's products on YouTube and Blogger.  Now you can make a lot of money from there by creating your own blog along with YouTube.  And this is certainly true because a lot of unemployed boys and girls are now making money by creating their own blogs.


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How to Make Money from YouTube

                      What is blogging?

 Blogging means one thing, you write something about what you are good at or the talents you have.  And you will upload that article to your own blog.  And in a word, blogging is doing this job.


    How do you create your own blog.

 i) Choose a name for your blog that matches the topic you are writing about.

 ii) Now you have to buy a domain with that name.

 iii) You will always try to have .com Domain If you do not have .com Domain but you can buy .in domain.  There are also .org domains.

 iv) Now you can set the domain in your own blog by yourself or with a web developer expert.

 v) Now you have to customize that domain or blog well so that later your domain will rank in Google.

 vi) Now create a logo and set it well on your blog.

 vii) Create some pages in your blog and set some levels.  If you can't do all this work, then you can definitely get it done with a web development expert.

 Viii) After everything is set in the blog, you will upload your own content to that blog.

 ix) Always try to make sure that the content you write on is unique and that your content does not match with any other website or blog.

 x) This way you will upload 20 to 25 unique content every time.

 xi) Now you will then create a Google adsense account.

 xii) Now you will associate that Google adsense account with your Blogger. If all your content is unique then you will have your blog monetized and your Google adsense account will be opened.

   In other words, Google will run various ads on your blog or all your content.  And from there your income will start.  This means that the more content you upload to your blog, the more ads will come to your blog but from Google.

 This way you can create your own blog in a very simple way, and by uploading your own content to that blog, you can make a lot of money every month like everyone else.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

How To Earn Money From YouTube? Flow Just 10 Easy Step.

How To Earn Money From YouTube? Flow Just 10 Easy Step.

  Now everyone has an Android phone.  And did you know that you can get Unlimited Income every month from the Android phone that you have at the moment. You can earn so much money that you can never even dream. If you are unemployed or if you are involved in a job, but you can earn a lot of money every month from this Android phone. Yes, I'm talking about income from YouTube. YouTube is one of the products of Google through which you can earn money of month after month.

 How to make money from YouTube?

 1) First you need to create a channel on YouTube.

 2) Secondly you have to customize that channel well.

 3) Then you have to make your own video on the subject you are good at.

 4) Then you will upload that video to your YouTube channel.

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 5) However, before uploading the video, you must know the community guidelines of YouTube well.

 6) This way you will continue to upload videos one by one to your YouTube channel.

 7) Then when your YouTube channel has 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, you will apply to Google Adsense to monetize your YouTube channel.

 8) When your channel is monetized, that is, when you get Google adsense, your money income will start.

 9) Then the more ads on your YouTube channel video, the more money you will earn.

 10) This way you will see that one day you will be able to earn a lot of money from YouTube.

Be sure to keep an eye on these issues.

 1) Try to name your YouTube channel so that there is no other YouTube channel with this name.

 2) Adjust the name of the YouTube channel in accordance with the subject on which you are proficient, i.e. the subject on which you will upload the video.

 3) You should always make sure that you upload videos on YouTube on the subject, that is, the general public will benefit from watching your video.  Ordinary people can learn something better by watching your video.

 4) You do not upload videos on any subject that harms the general public watching your video.

 5) You never download a video from any other YouTube channel, never upload that video to your own channel.

  All of these things must be kept in mind and to know more about YouTube, you must check YouTube's Community Guidelines.

   So what's the delay?  Now you can also earn a lot of money every month by creating a YouTube channel from your Android phone.

Monday, August 3, 2020

When was the Windows key introduced?

When was the Windows key introduced?

The Home windows key, which contributes to opening the Begin menu and plenty of different shortcut instructions, is now widespread on keyboards. It's so regular that you could be not even bear in mind that there's such a factor. The way to hack a key with a keyboard emblem with letters and numbers?

The primary introduction

The Home windows key was first launched by Microsoft on the 1994 keyboard. As well as, it contained the menu key, which marked the start of the 104/105 keyboard period. As you may see at this time, the Win secret's inserted between the Ctrl and Alt keys on all sides, and the menu secret's inserted between the Ctrl and Win keys to the precise.

This isn't the primary time that I've tried to use a key with a emblem on the keyboard. To the left of the area bar on the Apple III, launched in 1980, there have been two keys embellished with the Apple emblem. Later, Steve Jobs mentioned that the Apple emblem was overused all over the place, so Susan Care Graphic designer used a sq. () sq. signal of the command key.

Seasonal change with windows key

The unique emblem on the pure keyboard was just like the Home windows emblem on Home windows 98, however as the corporate emblem modified progressively, the keyboard additionally modified. The time when this key was added was the period of Home windows ME. This working system, which got here after WIN98, used the same emblem. The Home windows emblem was elegant with a wavy dotted line.

With the appearance of the Home windows XP period, keyboards additionally obtained a darkish, dotted emblem with 4 corners on the left. Home windows Vista 7 had a circle across the Home windows emblem, with only a few producers utilizing keys in the identical format on their keyboards. Home windows eight and 10 quickly grew to become well-liked. In the meantime, the fashionable four-cornered emblem, closely tilted to the precise, is now seen on each laptop computer and keyboard.

You need to get hold of permission to make use of

Keyboard makers can not arbitrarily use the Microsoft Home windows emblem. Permission have to be obtained by a particular license. Nevertheless, the title of the settlement is simply too lengthy to permit. Keyboard producers have the chance and permission to make use of the Microsoft Home windows Brand Settlement by the Microsoft Home windows Key Key Brand License Settlement for Keyboard Producers. The settlement was up to date in 2003 to make it necessary for all keyboard producers to alter the Home windows XP emblem. With the discharge of Home windows Vista, design pointers had been supplied on learn how to design a emblem.


The one impartial operate of the Home windows secret's to open the Begin menu. Home windows eight did not have a begin menu, so the beginning display will open as a substitute. Computer systems with out a Home windows key can do that by urgent Ctrl + Esc. Nevertheless, the shortcut can't be shared utilizing the Home windows key (proven later) with the Ctrl + Esc shortcut. If you're utilizing Home windows through Boot Camp on Apple Mac, the command key will act because the Home windows key. In Linux that is referred to as Tremendous Key. Ubuntu makes use of quite a few Home windows-like shortcuts (Win + L to lock the pc, Win + D to entry the desktop, and many others.). In lots of of those shortcuts, you may simply use Tremendous Key as a substitute of Ctrl + Alt.

Learn about Ubuntu Operating System

Learn about Ubuntu Operating System.

Learn about Ubuntu Operating System
South African Ubuntu ("Individuals Increasing the World") derives its identify from the philosophy of philosophy. Ubuntu is particularly designed for desktop computer systems, however there are additionally variations for laptops and servers. Based on the Web, about 50 % of Linux Ubuntu customers use desktops, and the variety of Ubuntu internet servers is rising by the day.

Ubuntu makes use of a number of software program packages to construct the working system, lots of that are distributed below a free software program license (also called a free supply). The GNU Lesser Basic Public License (GNU LGPL) is primarily used together with the GNU Basic Public License (GNU GPL). These licenses give customers the best to make use of, copy, distribute, discover, modify, and create this working system. Ubuntu is sponsored by Canonical Restricted within the UK, owned by Mark Shuttleworth, a South African businessman. Try Canonical Restricted. Income from offering necessities and technical providers for the Ubuntu working system.

Canonical helps three different derivatives from Ubuntu: Kubuntu, Edubuntu (also called Ubuntu Training Version) and Ubuntu Server Version. As well as, there are various different derivatives for particular units, together with native techniques and working techniques.

Canonical releases a brand new model of Ubuntu each six months, offering safety upgrades, troubleshooting or easy software program, system or software program updates for as much as 18 months. As well as, the Lengthy Time period Service Situation (VCS) is issued each two years, offering three years for the desktop situation and 5 years for the shopper situation. Ubuntu model 10.10 (Maverick Mirkat) was launched on October 10, 2010. Ubuntu 11.10 (Onyx Oscillator), the newest model of Ubuntu, was launched on October 13, 2011.

Options of Ubuntu system

Ubuntu focuses on ease of use, safety, and stability. The Ubiquity set up lets you set up Ubuntu on everlasting laptop reminiscence with out having to restart the pc from boot time on the reside CD. Ubuntu additionally focuses on growth and internationalization to succeed in the utmost quantity attainable. UTF-8, which helps most non-Roman fonts, is an ordinary encoding system from Ubuntu 5.04. The pseudo-tool was used as a safety function to offer short-term privileges for administrative operations, safe the administrator account, and shield the system from sudden modifications or safety locks made by inexperienced customers. Polykit is put in on desktop variations.

There are lots of forms of packages that may be put in on an Ubuntu laptop. These embody OpenOffice.org, Firefox, Empathy (Pidgin in earlier variations of Ubuntu 9.10), Transmission, GIMP (earlier variations in Ubuntu 10.04) and different easy laptop video games (reminiscent of Sudoku and Chess). Different non-default packages could be downloaded and put in utilizing Ubuntu Software program Heart or Synchronous Package deal Administration. Each of those packages are the standard program that comes with Ubuntu. Ubuntu Firewall can shut down community units. Moreover, the person can specify ports of their selection. Ubuntu customers can set up GUFW (uncomplicated firewall interface). [33] GNOME (now digital desktop) helps greater than 46 spoken languages. Ubuntu helps the implementation of a number of packages (reminiscent of Microsoft Workplace) designed for Microsoft Home windows. This may be completed over wine or with a digital machine (reminiscent of a VMware Workstation or VirtualBox).